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Company portrait

ALZMETALL is a renowned company with global activities and recognized internationally by its high quality reputation and brand name.

For more than seven decades we have been the leader in technology for drilling, milling and casting.

Alzmetall products have proven themselves in mechanical engineering applications, in the automotive industry, in the mould and die business, at the aerospace sector, as well as in many mid-size mechanical engineering enterprises.

  • Our experience is based on over 230.000 machines supplied. We focus on precision, performance and Quality for all our products.
  • Our open company culture encourages enthusiasm and performance through continuous innovation and we are striving for High Tech, customer benefits and added value.
  • ALZMETALL‘s international subsidiaries are locaded in Germany, the US and China.
  • ALZMETALL’s holding company in Germany successfully opperates three independent business segments in line with its branding slogan „we drive productivty“.
    • Vertical CNC-Machining Centers renowend for its cutting edge technology at 5-Axes simultanous applications
    • Manufacturer of industrial heavy duty drill presses holding the unchallenged market leader position in Europe
    • Cast and ductile graphite iron fundry technology as a flexible quality supplier driven by passion



Foundation of the ALZMETALL corporation by Harald Friedrich and Peter Meier.
Operating license for Precision engineering


In December the first draught was taken from a cupola


ALZMETALL starts to manufacture Drilling Machines

1949 – 1950

Extension of the manufacturing site – First export results


Death of the Co-Founder Peter Meier

1952 – 1955

Development and increase of sales and marketing.
Customer base and number of employees are growing.
Eight different drilling machine types are being produced.


Over 10.000 Drilling machines have been constructed and sold

1957 – 1960

Substantial investments in new buildings and modernization of the machinery.
Extension of the product range and development of the export markets.
First Abomat is being delivered to customer.

1961 – 1965

Amongst others, also the Federal German Railway and companies from the automotive sector belong to our customer range New foundry, over 400 employees

1966 – 1970

ALZMETALL gains worldwide reputation for its quality Production program includes 18 different types of drilling machines with hole dimensions from 25 to 90 mm More than 50.000 Drilling machines have been constructed and sold


The junior-manager Holger Friedrich met with fatal accident.

1972 – 1975

Restructuring, extension of foundry capacities through a FORMATIC production line, average output: 230 – 250 machines per month

1976 – 1979

ALZMETALL becomes the market leader in Drilling machines By using NC controls, new machining processes becoming possible

21. Dez. 1979

Harald Friedrich is passing away, suddenly and unexpected.
For the next two decades Dr. Walter Reich, in the position as executor of his will and trustee, as well as Karl-Heinz Buchholz, Wilhelm Schiepek and Dieter Manhardt as managing directors, are steering the affairs of the company.

1980 – 1984

Start of a successful Drilling machine range AX and the CNC-machining center range ABOMAT


2nd development phase for the CNC machining centers into fully automated production cells. Over 80.000 machines are being constructed and delivered.

1988 – 1990

Developments are completed for a unique CNC Drilling machine range that is called AC


ALZMETALL obtains a majority stake in the company Bluthardt AG, in Nürtingen. (Distributor of drilling machines and CNC-Machining Centers)


ALZMETALL celebrates their 50 years.


A brand new machining center, the BAZ 15 is being produced. Development and introduction of the ALZSTAR Drilling machine range.


Substantial investments in the Machine divisions and the Foundry divisions: over 7.000.000 €


The installation and receptioning of a new foundry production line, the HWS, and a large horizontal machining center, the GROB BZ 1250, a flexible production cell with pallet handling equipment, are being completed.
Their operation is started. The quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001:1994 is being introduced and ALZMETALL is being certified successfully.


A new AB Drilling machine range and the introduction of an innovative highspeed machining center; G 800


The German Ministry for Economy and Technology is awarding ALZMETALL for their successful and innovative performance in view of their highspeed 5-axis machining center G 800. Substantial investments in hard- and software for a new ERP-System.


Production figures show an accumulation of 170.000 Machines being produced and sold in the past years.


Repeat certification accomplished successfully. DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.


ALZMETALL is looking back at 60 successful years of in foundry business and in machine construction business.


Investments continue in the foundry; two brand new TDI ColdWind Cupola furnaces are putted into operation.


Successful repeat certification of the QM – Systems according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. Proper innovative development of the PowerCell-Robot automation with Pallet management systems for machining centers.

Investment in a GS 1000/5 machining center with PowerCell SK-24 Pallet managmenet system. Investment in a dust extraction unit for the foundry.


New, additional foundry hall with over 2000 sqm of new production facilities for manufacturing and handling very large foundry parts.

Investment in a large horizontal machining center for machining proper machine elements and for sub-contracting puprposes.

Introduction of TopSolid CAM systems and TDM Tool Management system for ALZMETALL production facilities.


Investment for a core shooter in the foundry is being made.

Expanding of the drilling machines program be new development and market introduction of 5 different types of ALZTRONIC bench drilling machines.

Opening of the ALZMETALL and DONAU service and technology center for machining centers and drilling machines.


Investment in a new ALZMETALL machining center GS1000/5 as Power Cell Twin solution for own mechanical production.

Installation of a photovoltaic system for administration building and shop floor with an capacity of 149 kWp


Investment in a heavy duty foundation for the assembly line of the GS1400 and a new crane system in the assembly hall for machining centers.

Extension of the high rack storage system. EMO Hannover: Launch and market introduction of the new developed hybrid machining center GS1400/5-FDT for the combination of milling and turning process in one clamping, workpiece weight up to 3 tons.


Investment in a ALZMETALL GS1400/5-FDT hybrid machining center for the production line.

Investment in a suspension track ball blasting unit with a load capacity of 3.2 tons and an annealing furnace for heat treatment up to 1000°C maximum temperature for the foundry.


New development of the GS600 machining center (weight of basic machine 8 tons), 4 different types in gantry style, successful launch at EMO Hannover.

Expansion of sales activities in countries like Canada, China, USA, Spain, UK and Poland.


Continuously development of export markets like Russia, China, Turkey and France.

New development of the GS1200 machining center, 4 different types in gantry style (weight of basic machine approx. 22 tons). Refurbishment of the outside space.


Starting a cooperation with DKSH as sole agent for the Southeast Asian countries as Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia and also for Taiwan and Japan Energy efficient refurbishment of the main building and the adjacent office and factory buildings.

First participation at CMTS exhibition in Canada ALZMETALL celebrates the company’s 70th anniversary Establishing of ALZMETALL Machine Tools (Taicang) Co., Ltd. in Taicang, China 奥美特机床(太仓)有限公司


ALZMETALL opens a site in China: Foundation of “ALZMETALL Machine Tools (Suhzou) Company, Ltd” in Taicang.

Two large-dimension Zeiss measuring machines are purchased for quality-assurance and inspection purposes


Introduction of the iTRONIC concept: The iTRONIC drilling machines are operated digitally via a touchscreen. Innovative and unique.


2020 Modernization of the foundry with a new crane system for the manual large-mold shop with air-conditioned operator’s cabs and alternatively radiographic control.

ALZMETALL is aged 75 years now. However, due to the Corona pandemic, the celebrations have to be postponed.


Foundation of “ALZMETALL Machine Tools USA Inc.”

Quality Policy

Companies mindset by focusing on quality machurements started quite early in 2000 applying for ISO 9001.

This decision has been proven to be a good one not only for our internal organisation but even more for our customers.

On a regularly basis we subordinate the milestones checks postulated by the ISO 9001 System requirements. All system checks both certifications and re-certifications have been subject to the judgment of independent auditors.

We are proud of obtaining this ISO 9001 certficates without interruption since 2000.

We are striving for the highest demands on quality to fulfill our customer needs. We are ready beeing measured on this statement by our customers at any time.

The results of this commitment are valuable incentives getting better every day.


We comprehend sustainability as a major company goal and also as a challenge and responsibility for our generation and those of our children and grand children.

In 2016 the company introduced the ISO 5001 Energie Management System.

The entire management and all employees are comitted to implement and preserve the following rules:

  • Analyze processes and products as well as other activities for their energy consumption and increase energy efficiency.
  • To comply with – in relation to the use of energy – applicable legal rules and regulations
  • Procure and use energy-efficient products and services
  • Provide information, human recources and the financial framework in the context of an overall business view of the company
  • To meet and comply with our self-imposed convicition and adress our responsibility to protect the global recources.