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GS 600
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  • ALZMETALL-Gantry-Concept (AGK)
  • Grey Cast Iron and Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron
  • Monobloc Travel-System-Carriage with incorporated Box-in-Box-System
  • 2-fold Linear Guidance for X-Y-Travel System-Carriage and 4-fold Linear Guidance for Z-Axis with Travel-System-Carriage with integrated Motor-Spindle
  • 3-fold Torque-Drives for Swivel-Axis (A-Axis) and Rotary-Axis (C-Axis) at GS 600/5-T und GS 600/5-FDT
  • Hybrid-Machining-Applications such as: Drilling/Milling/Turning and Grinding at one Clamping-Set-Up
  • Up to 750 kg workpiece weight including Clamping-Set-Up-Device at GS 600E/3 (Static Table)
  • Up to 500 kg workpiece weight including
  • Clamping-Set-Up-Device at 5-Axis Machines
  • Path taken X/Y/Z-Axis: 460 / 600 / 400 mm


Focus on operators needs

  • Access to Machine-Table ergonomically configured at working height
  • Workpiece loading by front side, top side and sideways access.
  • Mist extraction directly at Machine-Table
  • Steeply sloping chip tunnel straight below Machine-Table
  • Working-Space flushing with coolant (option)
  • Automatic Access-Door feature open/close (option)
  • Access to all maintenance units at working height
  • Machine control panel, for setting up the tool magazine, can be swivelled to the side. (For optional attachments such as chip conveyors, the coolant system is on the left-hand side).
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Rigidity, Dynamic and Thermal Symmetry
„that‘s it what counts“

Extreme rigid, Integral-Basic-Body prepared for:

  • Monobloc Travel-System-Carriage for X-Y-Z Axes
  • NC – Swivel- and Rotary-Table (A- and C- Axis) or Static-Table
  • Disc-Tool-Magazine with 40 Tool Positions, alternative twin Disc-Tool-Magazine with [76] Tool-Positions. [Option]
  • Rack-Type Tool-Magazine for [224] Tool Positions [Option].

All statically stressed Basic-Machine-Parts made from gray cast iron and all dynamically stressed Basic-Machine-Parts and components made from spheroidal cast iron.


Find out more about the GS 1400 machining center in our product catalogue.

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